MBanProxyVPN Support

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This plugin uses website services to check players. It must be able to connect to multiples websites.

Getting Started

The plugin uses different external services to check the players
There are different methods which are numbered in the configuration file
The first three methods are different:
1. It's a VPN list of popular VPN services
2. This is a function of the plugin that allows to activate the cache. An IP will only be checked once and a player will never be scanned twice. It is essential to let it activate
3. It scans the hostname, it can identify very popular VPN services

Other methods are external online services. Some methods require you to register on a site and enter the code obtained in the plugin
The services requiring a quick registration (IPHub/IPQualityScore/ProxyCheckio) are very powerful and it is important to choose at least one of them
All services (except VPNBlocker) offer a free version

Common Errors


If you are on Bungeecord, you must install the SQLite library
- At the location where your Bungeecord.jar is located, create a folder called: lib
- Download this file and drag it into the lib folder
- In the configuration file, set Storage to sqlite
- Restart the proxy server


Verify that:
- Storage value is set to mysql in the configuration
- Your login credentials are correct
- The host is accessible from your machine (Firewall, ...)

Gson library

If you are on an older version of Spigot, you must install the GSONn library
- At the location where your Spigot.jar is located, create a folder called: lib
- Download this file and drag it into the lib folder
- Restart your server

Problem with VPN detection

False positive

Depending on the region you are in, some methods may have false positives
You need to identify the method that generates them:
- In the configuration file, change the Debug value to true and LogPlayer to true
- When a false positive occurs, check the logs generated by the plugin
- Disable the method in the configuration file and reload it with /banpv reload
- Delete the cache with /banpv banip reset

It doesn't work

Verify that you have followed the Getting Started section
Verify that you don't have admin permissions on your server, which allows you to bypass the check
Check that you have deleted the cache (/banpv banip reset) after changing the detection method settings.


The plugin can work but cannot exclude the player
Open the configuration file and change the ExecuteCommands value to kickm
(kickm it is a plugin's command to kick players on Bungeecord)


If you install this plugin on a spigot server which is linked to a Bungeecord instance and you have disabled IPForward on Bungeecord
You must disable the HostName check in the configuration file